Interior Door Package Lead Time From 2 Weeks to 2 Days

Published on 4 December 2022 at 08:12


In order to demonstrate our fast turn around on merchandise, our Valley Center client couldn't wait 2 weeks for his interior door package (the typical lead time for interior doors), so we turned up the heat and got it done for him in 2 days.  The interior solid core door package consisted of eleven pre-hung interior doors, one pre-hung 20 minute fire rated garage door and 2 bi-pass mirrored closet doors.  He signed our contract on Monday (10/21/22) and delivered a 50% deposit to us.  We then ordered all the door slabs and mill work from our supplier just prior to end of day Monday and received our supplies the following morning with the exception of the fire door and mirrored doors.  Our team worked hard and were able to fabricate and complete all the pre-hung interior doors that day.  All the interior doors were then delivered to our client's job site on Wednesday the 23rd while the fire door took a bit longer and was delivered on 12/1/22.  We were able to make a few recommendations that saved our client from ordering the wrong swings.  As an example, the plans showed the master toilet door swinging in.  The reality is that this door would have hit the toilet, so we recommended changing the swing from a RH to LF out-swing.  Additionally, the master bath door was showing the wrong swing on the plans, so we corrected that swing from a LH to RH.  So, in this real case example, our recommendations saved our client the headache and cost of fixing these two door swings on his own.

Our client was thrilled as he was able to install these interior doors on his project on Thanksgiving morning and coming home to a hot turkey dinner after a hard days work.  Landmark Moulding and Doors strive to get the job done right the first time with a fast turn around time.  If you are in a bind and are needing doors fast, then give us a call or contact us through email. We will come out to your project, measure the job, make recommendations and give you a no obligation quote with some of the best pricing out there.  We can install our doors as well.


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